5 steps

1. The exploratory and goals for your site

We go through your desired pages and figure out how to exploit the marketing of websites.

Figuring out what is the primary purpose of the website and the pages set goals.

  • Purpose of the site may be a new customer acquisition, image, or even raising the current issues of information to existing customers.
  • Related objectives may be, for example to get visitors to fill the tender form, or to subscribe to the Newsletter.

2. Content planning

  • Let's think about what kind of visitor groups website has and what kind of content
    should be produced for different visitor groups. What is the content of your pages going to be like, so that the objectives can be met.

  • How many different pages are there going to be on the website?
  • What kind of pictures will there be?
  • Do you need forms, news columns or for example blogs.

3. Website layout design

Planning the site structure and layout. The appearance of the design takes into account the company's
already existing graphic image. The guidelines provide the appearance of the logo, brochure and business cards.

4. Technical implementation and content creation

When the customer has approved the layout, pages will be created and the technical structure set up. Often the site is carried out to a private temporary location and prepared for publication. Once all the steps are complete and the site is ready pages are moved to the final location for all to see on the Internet and the company's old site is replaced.

5. Related testing, publication and update guidance

Finally, the site is tested to work properly in different browsers under various operating systems. Before publishing the contents, pages should be previewed and spelling checked.

Clients will get access to site-specific statistics to analyze the content of their website. You will also get the help and feedback interface to make new content creation a breeze.